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This stone building has stood at the edge of the Little Elk Creek since the last quarter of the 18th century. A dendrochronology study indicates that the building was constructed in the 1780s. Archaeological reports, land records, and a charcoal drawing all show that a log structure stood to the right (north) of the Stone Building. This earlier structure may have been constructed by and served as the home of John Hans Steelman, a local Indian trader. Steelman arrived in the Elk Landing area in the late 1600s after migrating from Wilmington, Delaware. More archeological digs and research are needed to confirm this long standing theory.

There is much speculation about how the Stone House was used over the centuries. A historic architect theorized that it was used for commercial purposes as well as a dwelling. Some say this commercial purpose may have been a tavern; however, no hard evidence has been found to confirm the theory.

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