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Welcome to Historic Elk Landing, an almost forgotten port at the head of the Chesapeake Bay. During America’s late Colonial and early Federal periods, roughly 1770 to 1820, Elk Landing was the mid Atlantic’s northernmost navigable inland waterway and the preferred route of north and south travel for many well-known patriots. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Lafayette, as well as many other patriots, passed through en-route to the capitol in Philadelphia. In addition the site served as a shipping and supply port for America’s Continental Army. In the War of 1812, Fort Hollingsworth at Elk Landing, along with close-by Fort Defiance, defended Elkton from burning by the British.

Restoration - At the urging of a group of historically-minded and persistent citizensthe Town of Elkton in October 1999 acquired Elk Landing from the descendants of the Hollingsworth family who had owned the property since 1735. As the site had not been occupied for a number of years many of the structures have fallen into disrepair. A non-profit organization, The Historic Elk Landing Foundation, Inc., was created and on January 17, 2000 the Foundation signed a renewable 99-year lease with the Town to operate the site as an interpretive living history museum. Over the succeeding decade, the Foundation has sought out and successfully acquired grants from a variety of public and private sources as well as generous donations from individuals and corporations and restored most of the Hollingsworth House and stabilized the Stone House. While there is much work to be done, we are grateful for all those who have given of their time, talent, and treasury to this important endeavor. Over the years this effort has been guided by carefully thought out Vision and Mission Statements.

Vision - Preserve Elkton’s and America’s early heritage by creating a Living History Museum focused on the Colonial and Federal periods.

Mission - To create and perpetuate a world-class Foundation guided by sound operating policies, and managed by competent, caring and cooperative individuals to:

- Restore and re-create an 18th and early 19th century Elk Landing, and
- Engage, inform and inspire visitors about events that occurred here and how they shaped our new nation.

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